Users may direct Funding Societies to access and retrieve or obtain their own information, data or document maintained online by third parties (“Third Party”) with which they have customer relationships, maintain accounts or engage in financial transactions, among other matters reasonably required for credit assessment by Funding Societies in response to “Bolt” and/or “M1CB” loan applications (including other products of Funding Societies from time to time) (“Loan Applications”) submitted by the users (“Account Information”). Funding Societies does not and will not review or check the Account Information to ensure its accuracy, validity, legality and non-infringement issues and therefore it is not responsible and will not be held accountable for any detrimental consequences arising out of or in connection with the (i) aforementioned matters; (ii) the use, dissemination or disclosure of the Account Information by the users to any party; and/or (iii) products and services offered by the Third Party or on Third Party’s sites (“Site”).

Funding Societies is not responsible for any technical matters, risks, hindrances or other difficulties which may result in any failure to obtain Account Information or loss of Account Information, personalization settings or other service interruptions. Funding Societies shall not assume responsibility for the timelines, deletion, alteration, non-delivery of or failure to store any Account Information, communications thereto or any personalization settings.

By submitting Account Information and other types and forms of information, data, passwords, usernames, PINs, other log-in information, materials and other content (“Content”) to Funding Societies through its website or any other means of communication, you shall be deemed to allow and authorize Funding Societies to use the Content for the purpose of providing its services to you. Funding Societies may use and store the Content in compliance with the laws of Singapore and the Terms and Conditions. You represent and warrant that you are entitled to submit the Content to Funding Societies for its use for the aforementioned purpose by Funding Societies, without any obligation of Funding Societies to pay any fees or be subject to any restrictions or limitations. By using Funding Societies’ services, you expressly authorize Funding Societies to access your Account Information maintained by the Third Party, on your behalf as your agent, and you expressly authorize the Third Party to disclose the Account Information to us without requiring any approval or benefit whatsoever. Funding Societies will submit the usernames and passwords contained that you provide or contained in the Content to log into the Site of the Third Party to access, retrieve or obtain the Account Information. You hereby authorize and permit Funding Societies to use and store the Content for the purpose of reviewing and processing the Loan Applications in accordance with its internal policy and procedure. For that purpose, you grant Funding Societies a power of attorney, and appoint Funding Societies as your attorney-in-fact and agent, to access any third party sites, retrieve and use the Content with full power and authority to do and perform any actions and decisions necessary or required in connection with such activities, as you could do in person. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT WHEN FUNDING SOCIETIES IS ACCESSING AND RETRIEVING ACCOUNT INFORMATION FROM THIRD PARTY SITES, FUNDING SOCIETIES IS ACTING AS YOUR AGENT, AND NOT AS THE AGENT OF OR ON BEHALF OF THE THIRD PARTY THAT OPERATES THE THIRD PARTY SITE. You understand and agree that Funding Societies is not sponsored or endorsed by any Third Party. Funding Societies is not responsible for any payment processing errors or fees or other related issues, including those issues that may arise from inaccurate, misleading, invalid or illegal Account Information. All consents, acknowledgements, approvals, permits and authorizations implicitly or expressly given by the users to Funding Societies herein are irrevocable and unconditional as long as the users are using, benefiting from or involved in the services of Funding Societies.


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For the Terms and Conditions governing users that sign up and registers to access the Funding Societies Platform as either a Lender or Borrower please refer to https://fsbolt.com/terms-conditions/